The Son Of A Farmer

The Son Of A Farmer

Whenever I remember my background, I remember the hard work, perseverance and good things about farmers, being a son of a farmer had inherently taught me that nothing comes easy. We need to work hard to soften the ground, plant, cultivate, fight pest and harvest. I learned about hard work and dedication from the people around me - farmers.

Few Things that Farming Teaches Me.

Perseverance and hard work: In every situation, be it scorching summer or freezing winter night, we work. 

Hope and optimism are some of the basic qualities of a farmer.

Management Skills: Given seasonal nature of our occupation, we know how to manage our livelihood for whole season.

Courage to accept uncertainties or any unexpected natural calamity and 

Dedication to improve the productivity by taking corrective actions.

Though, I don't farm anymore. But I still see my websites as farms.

The Son Of A Farmer

- Uche Ukagwu - August 6, 2020
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